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Helms & Sons Presented 2021 Conaway Partnering Award

State Route 68 faced 3,500 feet of total reconstruction through the Village of Arlington. The projects started in May of 2020 and were completed by early September the same year. District 1 of the Ohio Department of Transportation released the project as two separate jobs to be performed at nearly the same time. Helms & Sons Excavating (HSX) outbid all other contractors on both projects to be able to win both contracts. Project Engineer, Michael Butler (ODOT), Project Manager, Matt Glick (HSX) and, the owner of Helms & Sons Excavating, Shane Helms, collaborated with the Village of Arlington to make the project flow smoothly as possible for the town residents and businesses. The project mainly consisted of new asphalt paving, storm drainage, upgraded curbs and gutters, and new ADA-compliant sidewalks.

Due to the partnering of the teams, the projects were completed promptly. Construction partnering reduces delays and makes solving problems ahead of time easier. Both teams got to build relationships with trust, commitment, cooperation, and communication during the project which allowed the process to advance proficiently. Because of their exceptional collaboration, both teams were nominated for the Ohio Department of Transportation's 2021 Don Conaway Partnering Award. The Don Conaway Partnering Award selection process is conducted by the ODOT OCA Partnering Steering Committee which is comprised of both ODOT Central Office and District, OCA, and Contractor members. The hard work paid off for both teams as they were chosen to be Category 1 winners of the Don Conaway Partnering Award.

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